Love as an Art Form

Art is an expression of the artist. At the heart of every artist is a sincere desire to communicate. The same applies to someone who loves. When an individual expresses his or her appreciation, desire or heart, the world becomes more beautiful. Vincent van Gogh professed, “I feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people.” The vibrant individual embraces this ideal, becoming an artist, with love as the medium. 

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Doing Good and Doing Bad

We have all have voices in our head. A daily dialogue goes on between the "me" that wants to be vibrant―full of energy, enthusiasm and genius―and the "me" that is apathetic―lifeless, lethargic and dull. This dialogue of the me's creates serious resistance to the pursuit of doing good. This struggle between doing good and doing bad sucks the energy out of you. If you want to do more good in the world, it's imperative to shut down that struggle and engage The Six EnergiesTM.

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Are You Esteemed?

To be esteemed is to be highly-regarded. People who live vibrant lives are always esteemed. They love God, their families, their callings and yes, themselves. An individual who has personal esteem radiates confidence, gives us hope and pours out love. One who lives a vibrant life understands that if he or she doesn’t have high regard for his or her own life, neither will anyone else. 

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Know Your Strengths

People without confidence suffer more than people with confidence. That's because they're in a state of worry, anxiety and even self-loathing. They wonder: Am I worthy? Am I enough?  Do I have what it takes? Look closely at these questions. Can they be answered? Of course they can. What's required is self-assessment. When faced with an opportunity that calls your skills, talents and gifts into question—leaving you less than confident—it’s time to take stock.

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Make a Vibrant Decision

You’ve been given the gift of choice! Each and every day you wake up to a world chock-full of opportunities. Here’s a valuable tool from Nicole Greer, the Vibrant Coach, to help you discover the sweet spot where you are aware of your decisions, in control of your destiny, and making choices which result in the life you want.

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Turn Up the Energy!

Where do you get your energy? Energy is the power to perform. You require energy to support every thought, word, action and interaction in your life. When you don’t have enough energy to do what you want and need to do, you have an energy deficit

There are six kinds of energy—intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and money. The way you manage your energy will impact your ability to live each day with vitality.

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The First Essential in Building Confidence

Confidence is an energy that's formed and strengthened by taking next right steps. Building this energy is essential to living a Vibrant Life, because confidence is the conduit to developing all other abilitiesIf you want to really live vibrantly—radiating your gifting into the world, on mission, in service to making the world a better place—confidence must be built, stored and at the ready. 

Confidence building is huge, and it will require willingness. 

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Gratitude Builds a Bridge to Wealth

Gratitude builds a bridge to wealth. Yes, it can build a bridge to financial wealth. Perhaps more surprisingly—and more importantly—it builds a bridge to a rich, fulfilling life. In reality, building a rich fulfilling life actually makes financial riches more probable.

I base my life on the conviction that a “Vibrant Life” is pulsating with energy and enthusiasm. I am grateful to my creator that I have a natural inclination for the positive. While some may not identify with this bent, I can tell you that even I, a serious optimist, need to fuel myself to live a vibrant life. And I have learned that gratitude is high-octane fuel! When you are grateful, you get filled up—fulfilled, energized and (consequently) enthusiastic. In essence, when you cultivate gratitude you become VIBRANT!

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5 Tips for Vibrant Communication

I need you. And, you need me. While most of you reading this are industrious, hard-working, impressive individuals, the truth is you cannot go it alone. You must depend on others. 

Though you may have a sparkling personality, great skills, and a treasured talent, you don’t have everything you need to navigate life. The reality is: as individuals, we are limited. When we try to do it all ourselves, we come up short. The possibilities really open up when we join with others who complement and round out who we are at the core. That’s why we get married, join a social club, and have a best friend. These alliances make us stronger. They can help make our dreams come true. Our alliances can change the world. 

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The Love Habit

Love is the fuel that makes all things possible. 

Don’t go looking for it in all the wrong places. In fact, don’t even try to figure out the right places! Love is not something you find. Love is something you tap into. Love was the beginning of you. At your conception, love produced your very existence. Love dwells in every cell of your body. The challenge is to acknowledge this reality and make a commitment to love.

Love is a choice you make. Love is a commitment. And most importantly, love is a verb. You have to “do” love. Love done every day, in every thought, word, and action is the ultimate habit work. 

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Seize the Day

If “life is what you make of it,” then we must seize the day. In Latin, the familiar phrase is Carpe Diem.  Literally translated, “Carpe diem” means to enjoy the day or to pluck is as if it were a perfect piece of fruit. The energy implied, but often overlooked, is full of joy!

Imagine what your life would be like if you met each day joyfully, taking on the things that you know would create your best year yet? 

It would be AMAZING. Right?

Just think about it. Within your power is the opportunity to:

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Creating Quiet Space: The Ultimate Habit

The very first thing we encounter in the morning is the irreverent and irritating interruption of the alarm clock. This is just the beginning of the assault of noise and distractions that permeates our days. As our world begins to wake up, TVs, radios, conversations, and appliances begin to create a vibration of chaos all around us. Unnerved, we move from a state of rest to overload before the sun has even come up.

Creating a quiet space at the beginning of the day is essential to our well-being.

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I have been accused.

I have been accused.

People have, on occasion, pointed out plainly that I have a character trait that is noteworthy. These individuals, on purpose and without remorse, boldly looked me in the face and made this statement... 

"Nicole, you are an optimist.” 

While their words aimed to bring me shame, I rejoice in the fact that I choose to:

  • View the world through rose-colored glasses
  • Take the high road
  • See the glass as half-full 
  • Play the "glad game" of Pollyanna
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