Live a Punctuated Life!

The word PUNCTUATE has two meanings:

  1. To insert marks into the written word to clarify meaning.

  2. To interrupt something at intervals. 

I believe that a "vibrant life" is seriously punctuated!!!

Living a vibrant life is, by definition, illuminated. When an individual...

  • Knows his/her personal mission... 

  • Has the mission tied to a vision...

  • Supports the vision with recorded goals... 

  • Is actively pursuing those goals...

... that individual's PURPOSE is clear!

And that deserves an exclamation point. (Or, dare I say it, several!!!)

Exclamation points were in use centuries ago, but did you know the symbol wasn't added to typewriter keyboards until the 1970's? Despite warnings from the grammar police to the contrary... in my opinion, the exclamation point is generally underutilized. 

What is the benefit of using the exclamation point sparingly, when one little symbol can so clearly communicate big feelings:  excitement 😬, surprise 😃, wonder 😳, celebration 🍾😘, curiosity 😯, playfulness 😝, and interest 🍾🍾😉. 

And... HELLO... the world NEEDS engaged people who are excited, surprised, wondering, celebrating, curious, playful and interested! 

Imagine if you and the individuals in your family, your workplace, or your next meeting were living a punctuated life. You would be surrounded by individuals who live in a state of clarity. These people would stop to examine their lives, checking regularly to be sure they are: 


They would intentionally "interrupt" their lives at intervals and "insert marks" to clarify meaning — by aligning their activities, work, and relationships with their life's clear purpose. 

Punctuation marks are the evidence of an examined, vibrant life!

If you want to want to live a life full of exclamation points, you can!

I can help! 

Let’s begin with the Radiance of My Life exercise; this simple yet very intuitive exercise will help you see where your life needs attention — and intention. Click below to download the exercise and get started now!

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