Creating Quiet Space: The Ultimate Habit


The very first thing we encounter in the morning is the irreverent and irritating interruption of the alarm clock. This is just the beginning of the assault of noise and distractions that permeates our days. As our world begins to wake up, TVs, radios, conversations, and appliances begin to create a vibration of chaos all around us. Unnerved, we move from a state of rest to overload before the sun has even come up.

quiet space 1.jpeg

Just as a baby starts life in the womb, we need a place from which to birth the day. It must be a dark, quiet, warm and safe place that prepares us for life. In our quiet space, we’ll develop our senses and our capacity. Without this quiet space, we are delivered into our lives prematurely. Our ability to navigate the possibilities is immediately diminished. However, if we are given a space to incubate our ideas and thoughts and calculate the output required for the hours ahead, we can take on the day with a fresh perspective on life.

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We start our quiet time with centering. This practice allows us to consent to the day. To consent means to agree with the day and give it permission to unfold. We agree to show up today with our ‘best’ self. We listen for the still, small voice inside that says we are not alone. Quiet is the space where we recognize our desires and release them into dreams so they can become our destiny.

Tomorrow morning, let’s rise and seek out our quiet space, knowing that each time we enter this sacred space we are being prepared — prepared to make the possibilities probable!

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Quiet Space

Maybe you're thinking, "You've gotta be kidding, Nicole — if you could see my calendar, you'd know it's impossible to slow down!" But guess what? If you make it a priority to pause for a few minutes each morning, you'll discover your days (and your holidays) will be more productive, peaceful, and pleasant. 

A vibrant individual consciously creates habits that serves his or her vision and tends the spark within. To start making quiet space a daily habit, take a look at the suggestions below. During this busy season, as you demonstrate your love for others with carefully chosen gifts, why not give yourself a gift, too — the gift of quiet space.

  • Purchase an alarm clock that gently nudges you from your slumber. Options are available that wake you by slowly lighting your room. Other models can provide sounds from nature that woo you out of bed. Or you can use the harp setting on your phone that serenades you to rise and face the day.
  • Keep a beautiful bathrobe and slippers at the end of your bed. This will help you carry the warmth of your slumber into your quiet space.
  • Use a coffee pot with an automatic brew setting that begins 5 minutes before your alarm time. This allows you to arrive in your kitchen with hot water for tea or coffee at the ready.
  • Create a spot in your home where you will meet the day. This gives you a foundation for your new habit. Choose a place with a window facing east (perfect for watching sunrises), a comfortable chair, a journal, favorite pen, your calendar and reading materials to inspire the day.
  • Enter the space with reverence for your life and its creator — an attitude of gratitude to carry throughout the day.
  • Wear pajamas that enable you to do some stretching or yoga that entices you to literally move into the day.
  • Start your quiet time with centering. This practice allows you to consent to the day. To consent means to agree with the day and give it permission to unfold. You also agree to show up today with your "best" self. Listen for the small still voice inside that says you are not alone. Quiet is the space where you recognize your desires and release them into dreams so they can become your destiny.