Gratitude Builds a Bridge to Wealth

Yes, gratitude can build a bridge to financial wealth. Perhaps more surprisingly—and more importantly—it builds a bridge to a rich, fulfilling life. In reality, building a rich fulfilling life actually makes financial riches more probable. 

I base my life on the conviction that a “Vibrant Life” is pulsating with energy and enthusiasm. I am grateful to my creator that I have a natural inclination for the positive. While some may not identify with this bent, I can tell you that even I, a serious optimist, need to fuel myself to live a vibrant life. And I have learned that gratitude is high-octane fuel! When you are grateful, you get filled up—fulfilled, energized and (consequently) enthusiastic. In essence, when you cultivate gratitude you become VIBRANT!


Dave Cowan, the first master coach I ever worked with, taught me the secret of being fueled by reflecting on the riches you have in your life. His words woke me up to the power of gratitude. He shared...

“All around you is a glorious buffet. There are carts full of fulfillment on your left, to the right, in front and behind you. Opportunities abound. There are a plethora of possibilities awaiting your engagement. The results of your good work have left an impact. Your influence in others’ lives is apparent. The energy you have poured out has produced good fruit. Your work in your personal life and in your professional life have created outcomes small and large that were integral to your growth and success, and others.’ 
The problem is…
You haven’t slowed down to notice, to taste, to take in and enjoy what your life has served up. When you notice what you’ve done with what God has given, you can’t help but be filled to overflowing with gratitude.”

If you are first grateful for your life’s energy, its gifts and talents (and secondarily aware of your use of them), you become fulfilled. You realize you are part of a bigger plan! This is an exciting adventure that’s both a privilege and an honor. The spark placed in you at birth becomes ignited and your passion sheds light. 

And that light allows others to see what they can do with what the creator has given them!

A favorite children’s song goes like this: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”  While the idea of being VIBRANT is valuable for the very young, I offer it to you, too! VIBRANT individuals habitually takes time for gratitude, so that they can recognize their own “little light,” their fuel, and be fulfilled so they can really let their light shine. 

Let's get started!

Begin a Habit of Gratitude

The number one way to be grateful and “full-fiIled," so your light can shine, is writing what you are grateful for in a journal. I know: You already know this one. Okay, but are you doing it? 

Journaling has a stigma that it is “difficult.” It’s only hard because we make it that way. You don’t have to be a successful author to be a journal-er. You simply need to slow down and write a few words each day that—again—fill you with gratitude. This kind of journaling is not recording a memoir or a diary. Rather, it’s a personal habit that shifts your thinking, and actually changes your physiology. Keeping a gratitude journal helps you release the right kind of neuropeptides that will physically make you VIBRANT.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the science of gratitude. When a person practices gratitude, they can protect their heart by decreasing blood pressure and lowering heart rate variability. Growing a habit of gratitude reduces stress hormones like cortisol. Over time, people who practice gratitude sleep better, literally breathe easier and even increase their immunity.

Timothy Koock wrote a wonderful article about the art and science of thoughts. It’s humorous and en-LIGHT-ening. Email me at and I’ll send the article to you. 

build a habit of gratitude: 3 creative journaling ideas

  1. Get a fun container (maybe a beautiful vase) and write your notes of gratitude on a piece of paper with the date, then place them in your container. Each month (or year) sit down to review everything you’ve been grateful for. Make a meaningful ritual out of this; maybe even invite your family to join you!
  2. Get the “Gratitude Journal” app for your iPhone or Android. Each day you’ll be prompted to name five things you are grateful for.
  3. Write a handwritten thank-you note every day. This lost art can provide all the physiological benefits of gratitude for both you and someone else. Just imagine a world full of grateful people, people who are told they are worthy of gratitude…

…it would be a world illuminated with joy, and it would be very, very rich.

Let’s build that bridge.