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Doing Good and Doing Bad

We have all have voices in our head. A daily dialogue goes on between the "me" that wants to be vibrant―full of energy, enthusiasm and genius―and the "me" that is apathetic―lifeless, lethargic and dull. This dialogue of the me's creates serious resistance to the pursuit of doing good. This struggle between doing good and doing bad sucks the energy out of you. If you want to do more good in the world, it's imperative to shut down that struggle and engage The Six EnergiesTM.

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Turn Up the Energy!

Where do you get your energy? Energy is the power to perform. You require energy to support every thought, word, action and interaction in your life. When you don’t have enough energy to do what you want and need to do, you have an energy deficit

There are six kinds of energy—intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and money. The way you manage your energy will impact your ability to live each day with vitality.

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S.H.I.N.E / Energy

Your virtual coaching session this week engages the "E" in the S.H.I.N.E. Coaching Methodology™—Energy. Succinctly, your energy is limited. Knowing this fact is one thing. Acknowledging it is a whole other thing. The vibrant individual is one who understands and acts.

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