The First Essential in Building Confidence


Confidence is an energy that's formed and strengthened by taking next right steps. Building this energy is essential to living a Vibrant Life, because confidence is the conduit to developing all other abilitiesIf you want to really live vibrantly—radiating your gifting into the world, on mission, in service to making the world a better place—confidence must be built, stored and at the ready. 

Confidence building is huge, and it will require willingness. 

To have confidence, you must work on your willingness. Willingness is a spirited initiative and resourcefulness that makes all things possible. Willingness is your internal gumption. Willingness is more than a habit; it's a character issue. You have to choose to be willing to concentrate and put an action point in place to build your confidence. You may be wondering, "How? How do I get willingness?" It's actually very simple. It is a decision. In an instant you can be someone with willingness. Just like the blink of your eye, in a nano-second you can have it.

To understand willingness more clearly, let's look at a character trait that is easier to recognize.

Consider honesty. Honesty is defined as telling the truth. Odds are you want to be an honest person. You want a reputation as someone who doesn't lie, steal or cheat. Now consider willingness. Willingness is the desire to respond to the environment, doing what needs to be done in service to your mission. You want a reputation as one who does not hesitate, refuse, resist or judge the actions needed to move your mission forward. Rather, you want to be a person of action. 

Both honesty and willingness help you structure how you show up in the world. As you use the traits of honesty and willingness, they define who you are and how you approach any situation. Both start to characterize—shape, frame and ILLUMINATE your reputation, your efficacy and your ability to live vibrantly. These character traits, along with another 47 character traits, allow you to either brighten the world with your presence or dim the prospects of completing your mission. In essence, willingness makes you shine. 




1. Define an area in which you need confidence. 
It could be public speaking. It could be in selling your idea to an organization or client. It could be body image. It could be in a career transition. It could be any number of things!

Write down where you are presently with regard to this situation. Examine your thoughts, feelings, knowledge and the obstacles that stand in your way. Write down your concerns about this situation. Ask yourself, "What holds me back from doing this work?" Identify the thought that keeps coming around and saying "I can't." Use your character trait of honesty to examine what's really going on. 

2. Analyze your findings and choose a next right step.
Ask yourself, "What is a next right step I can make?" Now, reinforce the decision to be willing. 

  • Close your eyes. 

  • Say, "I am willing." 

  • Open your eyes. 

  • Think willingness.

  • Own the character trait of willingness. 

  • Do the next right step you have identified. 

3. Celebrate your willingness. 
Once you've completed the next right step, write it down. Now, celebrate it! Journal about it. Share your success with a friend, your coach or your team. Notice how you feel:

  • You'll feel good. 

  • You'll feel stronger. 

  • You'll be amazed that you were able to do what you said you would do. 

  • You'll have your own back.  

  • You'll have realized your potential.

  • You'll have made that which was possible become probable. 

  • And most importantly, you'll have been loyal to you!



Loyalty is really what confidence is all about. 

Look at the word confidence. The prefix "con" means "with." The root "fidence" means fidelity. Fidelity is the act of faithfulness to a person, cause or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. When you are confident you are with you! Please don't miss that.

As a result of willingness, you can trust YOU!