Turn Up the Energy!

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Where do you get your energy? Energy is the power to perform. You require energy to support every thought, word, action and interaction in your life. When you don’t have enough energy to do what you want and need to do, you have an energy deficit

There are six kinds of energy—intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and money. The way you manage your energy will impact your ability to live each day with vitality. To effectively oversee these areas, we must make choices of power and purpose.  To infuse your days with energy, self-care is paramount. Start by including these three energizers in each day: a centering time, an energizing walk and a cohort of like-minded people who want to share their energy with you. 

Five Facts about Your Energy Level

For far too many of us, low energy is the new normal. Living with with a depleted energy level is detrimental over the long haul. Why is it important to cultivate a higher energy level? Consider the following:

  1. Energy determines your capacity to do work.
  2. Energy levels are based on the balance between capacity and demand.
  3. Energy is inside you and can be systematically expanded and renewed.
  4. You can expect energy demands on your life to increase.
  5. Our capacity to produce energy diminishes over time.

Living with low energy isn't sustainable, and it isn't necessary. The first action step to tapping into increased energy is sealing off the leaks. 


Five Reasons Why Your Energy is Low

Despite your best efforts, you may feel consistently drained of energy. According to a Gallup “Stress” poll, 50% or more of all people surveyed are stressed. Stress results when the demand on your energy exceeds your capacity. So, if more than half of us are stressed, that means the majority of us are trying to function on insufficient energy levels. The remedy: We must identify significant energy leaks. You can start by answering these powerful questions:

  • Leak #1: Pay attention to the people you allow in your life. Do they lean or lift?
  • Leak #2: What is your response to “How are you?” Negative self-talk becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Repeating the phrases: “I am tired,” “I am worn out,” or “I am exhausted” steals mental energy and in turn weakens the physical form. 
  • Leak #3: When was the last time you tested your capacity? You may be stuck in your comfort zone. 
  • Leak #4: Your present determines your future. What do you really want for the future?Let that desire dictate your actions in the present.
  • Leak #5: You expend a great deal of energy overthinking your longings, lamenting your life as it is and resisting change. What would it be like to reduce the energy you consume by 90 percent simply by welcoming a next right step?

Tony Schwartz, author and energy expert says, "Everything begins with the work of yourself." He's right. If you’d like to take a personal energy audit, send me an email.

Let's get started!