Woulda, coulda, shoulda...


Woulda, coulda, shoulda… it's time to stop lamenting and start innovating!

Hindsight is good, but it’s not ideal. It’s wonderful to learn a lesson. It’s just fine to be messy. And it’s absolutely necessary to take risks. But, to take the lesson, clean up the mess and assess the power in the risks is ideal. Our goal, then, is to take what we learn in hindsight and create foresight. This is what I call taking “Next RIGHT Steps.”  

Next Right Steps are about documenting three perspectives:

  • Introspective: A visit to the FUTURE to imagine what could be, what should be and why.

  • Retrospective: A visit to the PAST to analyze and document what happened noting the ideal outcomes and the actual outcomes.

  • Prospective: Generating a PLAN to illuminate the process with innovation in service to creating best practices for your organization.

No matter your purpose or calling, I imagine that "doing better" is part of your agenda. This is good but it’s not ideal.

Ideally, we want to take our agenda of doing better and actually generate innovation. Innovation is the behavior that ensures we have a future. An old familiar adage states, "Only one thing is certain: Change." That’s exactly right! Our goal is to consistently take our processes and analyze how to be smarter, faster, and more efficient.

I have outlined a framework for any situation that needs attention and intention to make it work more efficiently and effectively. This tool is The Innovation Generator™. In today’s fast paced, global environment you need strategies, systems and smarts to help you to generate solutions that lead to innovation and ultimately a vibrant life.