DISC + The Performance, Ambition, Talent Intelligence System


"Yes, and..."

In improv, "Yes, and..." is a communication tool used to accept each person's contribution and create the opportunity to add new information. Vibrant Coaching's performance style and ambitions assessment gives leaders data and insight into their team's talents, motivations, drive, and ambitions with one goal in mind: to align talent strategy with business strategy. The resulting "Yes, and..." mindset can transform the way you do business and maximize your human capital.



Our cutting edge approach to Talent Analytics, working in conjunction with a web-based platform, Advisor, gives organizations the information needed to align talent with business strategy. This powerful web-based performance platform allows you to predict the impact of an employees’ goals (what they want and do best) on individual, team and company performance and answer questions like: “What skills were recent hires missing? Which employees are the most productive? What are their backgrounds and skill sets?”

HOW IT HELPS YOUr business

  • Fosters innovative thinking that leads to cutting edge business solutions.
  • Increases revenue and productivity.
  • Improves customer service levels.
  • Provides insight when merging or partnering with other organizations.
  • Helps your business stand apart from competitors.
  • Establishes guidelines to hire and effectively on-board top performers.
  • Maximizes employee engagement by gaining commitment and cooperation, resolving and preventing conflict, and improving communication.
  • Creates an inclusive culture that increases credibility and influence of your business leaders.
  • Identifies skills gaps and training needs.
  • Provides coaching, training, and mentoring to high potentials for succession planning.
  • Creates a storehouse of employee intellectual capital to support critical initiatives.
  • Predicts how individuals are likely to perform in certain roles, on teams, and how they measure success, to create circumstances that will motivate employees for optimal results.


  • On-Line Assessment Tools: Gathers information about what employees and candidates “want” and “do best”.
  • Team at a Glance: Visually analyzes intact teams, cross functional teams and cross company teams – on the fly.
  • Balanced Hiring Scorecard: Easily evaluates candidates with unbiased, consistent and weighted job success factors.
  • Job Benchmark: Performs a gap analysis between job candidates to “ideal candidates”.
  • MVP Report (Most Valuable Profile): Allows hiring managers to “read about their ideal candidate” — getting to know them before they meet them.
  • Team Playbook: Enables effective team communication by understanding fellow needs & preferences.
  • Sales Team Analysis Tool: Identifies the characteristics that allow managers to align sales employees with motivating positions for optimal performance and reduced costs.


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