The 4 Elements of Success™

I am still in awe of all I have already discovered about myself through answering my profile questions, PEP, and our session yesterday. It is like the blinders have been taken off and I am seeing myself as never before, with no judgment or negative self-talk, but understanding, which is very freeing! I can’t wait to see what else I discover as we journey through the process!
— Kandy, ONE-on-ONE Coaching Client

It's elemental.

The Path Element Profile (PEP™) instrument measures the Four Elements of Success™ found in each human being. You’ll be challenged to look to the elements of creation to find a wisdom that is profoundly simple.
Rich with highly visual and universally understood elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, PEP™ helps you discover who you are at the core.



This simple online assessment can be done in less than 20 minutes. At completion, you’ll simply print out the 13 page assessment, read through it and follow the instructions by circling the strengths and challenges that ‘speak’ to you. When this is completed, you’ll be coached around your profile to see your natural style and pinpoint areas that need awareness. This work will uncover unnamed irritations and verify your power point.

Let's get started.