Vibrant Keynotes

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S.H.I.N.E.™ — Live a Vibrant Life

Strategies, Systems and Smarts for Coaching Yourself and Your Stakeholders
Release your talent like a light to illuminate the dark places where your brilliance is desperately needed in your organization. Experience a fresh approach to Self-Assessment, take a hard look at your Habits, explore what it means to be in Integrity, articulate Next Right Steps, and take an Energy audit.

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Strategies, Systems and Smarts to Influence Others
Everyone is a leader. Period. If you have a dream to contribute your talents, gifts and life to your family, your organization and the greater community in a powerful way, you will be inspired to do more with the untapped potential that lies dormant within.

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Vibrant Time Management

Strategies, Systems and Smarts to Capture, Control, Claim and Create a Vibrant Life
It's time. Time to capture, control, claim and create spaces of time to carry out your mission and vision in both your personal and your professional life. You can win the war with the clock and find time to do the things you want.

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Vibrant Communication

Strategies, Systems and Smarts to Drive Engagement and Commitment
Identify your elemental communication style, address your strengths and challenges and take action. Actionable strategies will help you learn to speak another’s language, formulate powerful alliances and overcome your fear of people who are ‘different.’

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Vibrant SALES

Strategies, Systems and Smarts to Uncover What Makes People Buy and Why
Learn to quickly assess your prospects. Discover what motivates people to engage, listen, make a commitment — and buy! Take away strategies, systems, and smarts to bolster productivity, engage individuals, and establish relationships that build your business. 

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Strategies, Systems and Smarts to Create Positive Change
Define your organization's culture: the critical values which drive proper behaviors ➝ resulting in a systemic organizational shift ➝ creating seriously positive change! Gain clarity on what culture “is” and how to put programs, policy, and procedures in place to move people into action. Using a researched, proven, change model for creating a Vibrant Culture, leaders will be able to "disrupt" the status quo, illuminating where growth and untapped potential can be harnessed to make a serious contribution to the organization's bottom line. 


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