One-on-One Coaching

Nicole is quick, smart, and can cut through to see the truth quickly. She helped me at a crossroads in my life, to see who I really am. She is amazing and talented. Not to mention fun and easy to work with. Being fun and really smart in one package is rare. She is rare.
— Carrie Rogers McGinty | Equity Real Estate LLC

Is this you?

You are forward-thinking. You care deeply about your clients, associates, and personal relationships. You long to make a unique mark in the world with your gifts, talents, and deepest calling. You want to experience results through accountability.

If these statements sound like you, or the person you want to be, I encourage you to embrace the four areas of transformation targeted in Vibrant Coaching.




focus & meaning

  • Define what is most important and find motivation to never stray from the path.

  • Discover yourself in terms of where you are today.

  • Identify influences in your life and your possibilities for living to the full measure of your creation.




  • Understand how to create stability in an unstable world.

  • Move to a place where choices are based on a longer view of life. 

  • Get in touch with the power of your imagination, perspective, and mind-mapping. 




  • Expand your possibilities, know what to do — and do it.

  • Create and apply the energy that produces results.

  • Pinpoint issues that get in the way of productivity and hinder your potential.




  • Find joy and celebration to fill your life with more of what you want.

  • Experience the thrill of overcoming challenges, maintaining integrity, and viewing life as an opportunity.

  • Achieve fulfillment that is beyond success.


Let's get started.