Strategic Planning

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Future vision becomes reality.

In our day and age, the only constant we can look forward to is change. While some changes are inevitable, other changes can and will come as a result of our own creative efforts. 

Vibrant Strategic Planning creates what is possible and gives you the Strategies, Systems, and Smarts to make what is possible…probable. 

The result? A “playbook” that gives your organization exactly what you want: a Strategic Advantage!


Vibrant Strategic Planning is a  three-phase process that introduces your organization to its “Future State” while shaping each individual team member into his or her most Vibrant “Future Self”. This process answers the question: "How do you make a vision of the future a reality?" Participants will explore the three phases executing both individual and group contributions.



Phase 1 — Strategic Thinking

Focuses on the more intuitive aspects of the process leading to the development of the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy. Participants will:

  • Create a Vision Statement
  • Create a Mission Statement Determining Core Values


Phase 2 — Long-Range Planning

Validates and activates the mission, vision, and strategy. Participants will:

  • Determine Key Strategic Areas of Emphasis
  • Identify and Analyze Critical Strategic Issues
  • Determine Long Term Objectives


Phase 3 — Tactical Planning

Identifies specific actions and tasks necessary to affect the organization’s performance to achieve the vision. Participants will:

  • Prepare Strategic Plans
  • Create a Culture of Accountability

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