Team Coaching

I have participated in loads of self-help/coaching seminars and workshops and have never felt the intensity or devotion that Nicole put forth for us. She facilitated an open environment to dig deep in the professional and personal space of our hearts and made us all want to be better leaders. She has a gift!
— Jessica C. Bryson | Office Manager, Black Orthodontics

Everyone on the same page.

Invite Vibrant Coaching into the culture of your organization to facilitate movement… significant movement. Coaching ignites a shift in leaders, team members and, ultimately, in the culture. This increases productivity by changing it from "command and control" to "collaboration and creativity."




I work with leaders in organizations who want to develop their talent, increase the bottom line, and coach individuals to engage with the vision. I help you get better results with Strategies, Systems and Smarts customized for your organization

  • STRATEGIES: A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. Strategy deals with “how” rather than “what”. You need proven formulas, fixes, and functions in place. Not all challenges can be approached with the same strategy, so I tailor coaching to the needs of your organization.
  • SYSTEMS: A system is a set of principles, procedures and tools organized to achieve a common purpose or solve a problem. We use a variety of systems and to provide insight and knowledge about the individuals on your team. The goal is to gain understanding and bring the components of your organization into meaningful relationship for the purpose of acting as a whole.
  • SMARTS: Individually, we’ve got smarts. But collectively, we’ve got genius! I partner with your organization to capitalize on individuals' different backgrounds, training, and talents and create a genius pool from which to pull creative and innovative ideas and strategies and address challenges.



  • Creates a culture of accountability.
  • Engages your employees with a compelling vision.
  • Teaches you how to conduct better meetings.
  • Stops tolerating "bad behavior" by learning feedback technique.
  • Helps you discover what motivates your team.
  • Increases Sales Through Qualifying Prospects Faster and More Effectively
  • Builds your brand.
  • Gets you organized.
  • Teaches proven, researched leadership strategies.
  • Helps you recruit better employees and retain them.
  • Prompts you to write goals and an actionable plan for work and life.
  • Increases productivity through tested strategies, systems, and smarts.
  • Reduces resistance to change.
  • Builds a strategic plan.


Why work with me?

I know business, organization development, talent management and coaching. I have worked across a wide and wonderful spectrum of organizations and individually with their leaders one-on-one. I am both a cheerleader and a strategist. My expertise has led me to present at conventions, chapter meetings, and workshops. I work with you and your teams to make what is possible... probable. 


Let's get started.