This week's challenge:

This week, I will write down a list of my interests and see where they connect. There I will find my deep resolve to do what only I can do.

In the space between aimless and intolerant, there is a purposeful resolve you will carry out your most important intentions. There is something you must do that no one else could do quite as well as you, because it springs from an insight that occurs to you, and you alone. Your brain is a repository of a collected set of interests that are completely unique to you because you have spent countless hours doing what fascinated you most. At this intersection of your interests, you will find not only your unique purpose, but your deepest resolve.

Avoiding Intolerance:

Remember that others also have a unique purpose based on their interests. Give them autonomy and support necessary to pursue these interests – the same autonomy and support you would want to pursue yours.

Tilt 365 Trait: Purposeful (Wisdom Quadrant)
Underused: Aimless
Overused: Intolerant