This week's challenge:

This week, I will forge a clear vision and be able to alter my course.

In the space between withdrawn and grandiose, there is a chance to be visionary in a way that empowers us to realize the future we most want. This middle space requires us to own our own power, so we don’t fall prey to being withdrawn or passive. If we’re not busy doing our own plan, it can increase the chance that our life outcomes will happen to us instead of by us. Through lack of conviction about our own dreams, we may unwittingly become a pawn in someone else’s grand scheme that includes us. By becoming enamored with what someone else dreams of doing we can sometimes lose our way. So, today, we must make haste to ensure we have a clear VISION of the life we want long-term — and then make a commitment to steadily progress through small steps each day.

Avoiding Grandiosity:

Using one’s creativity and imagination is essential to casting a vision for our future. However, if our vision is too grandiose and not grounded in enough reality, it can actually cause us to become fixated on something that borders on delusion. This can happen when we feel we are not special enough. To avoid the sadness, we begin to espouse exaggerated plans that may feed an insatiable drive for fame and admiration. Then get caught up in a narcissistic bubble where we believe we are entitled, superior and untouchable. Then, before we know it, we believe our own lies and rationalize that the rules do not apply to us. Leading to a collision course with reality where we lose our inner balance and the house of cards falls down. Our positive influence shrinks instead of inching forward.

Commendable Trait: Visionary
Underused: Withdrawn
Overused: Grandiose
Strength: Inspiration
Quadrant: Resilience