This week's challenge:

This week, I will slow down 10% so that I am fully present and my brain can record its patterns in perfection, not in repeated false starts.

Somewhere between unproductive and workaholism, lies the sweet spot where one is thoughtful enough to be present and productive in a way that creates real traction. Recently, I was visiting relatives and awoke to the sound of our brilliant young nephew practicing his piano lessons. It was a difficult classical piece and he was riffing rapidly on the same piece but kept having little errors, so he’d start over. I lay there thinking if he would slow down a tiny bit, he’d get it exactly right and not create so many rapid false starts. Instead he’d probably deliver the piece with the perfection he was seeking. This simple practice is to slow down enough to be fully present to the task.

Avoiding Workaholism (Overuse):

Too often I notice myself going overboard and working too many hours in a row on tedious and brain-taxing tasks on my devices. This causes my brain chemistry to go into overload on certain chemicals & hormones that make it feel unhappy and exhausted. It’s important to keep our mind happy and balanced, just like all of the other parts of ourselves. Paying attention to our circadian rhythms is important in this age of technology. To avoid this I use a new feature on my iWatch that tells me to stand once every hour. When this reminder goes off, I take a short break to walk around, jump on my rebounder, do a short meditation or deep breathing routine. Then my brain is in incubation mode for long enough to refocus and I notice it performs a lot better. A happy mind is much more creative too, so this is when the insights and “aha”s happen too!

Commendable Trait: Productive
Underused: Unproductive
Overused: Workaholic
Strength: Diligence
Quadrant: Wisdom