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This week's challenge:

This week, I will tap into my core beliefs and values to cast a compelling vision.

When I think of compelling speeches and stories, I realize there is a common denominator of authenticity and an element of passion and even struggle. The same goes for compelling people – they don’t just have a vision, they inspire others to share that vision in an irresistible way. It takes an understanding of your values and beliefs as well as your uniqueness to be truly compelling.
The origin of the word compel comes from the Latin “to drive together” or “to drive to one place.” What was once about bringing people (or cattle!) together physically is now about bringing them together emotionally. There has also been a shift in meaning from “driving” together to “leading” to bring people together – it is a subtle, yet important, shift. To lead others to believe in your vision, you must “Be Kind. Be Wise. Be Bold. Be Unique. Be Real.”
Avoiding being Overzealous (Overuse): How do you know if you have overdone being compelling? People no longer buy into your vision, not because you haven’t been enthusiastic enough, but because you’ve turned people off by being overenthusiastic.  This can happen when you become overzealous and dogmatic – when you communicate your vision as if there are no other alternatives. When this happens, remind yourself that we live in a non-dualistic world, and there is room for many types of visions.
Commendable Trait: Compelling
Underused: Mundane
Overused: Overzealous
Strength: Inspiration
Quadrant: Resilience