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This week's challenge:

This week, I will consider one of my goals and evaluate whether I need to make a change (even a small one) to be more effective in achieving that goal.

“Agile” means the ability to move quickly and easily. It is a trait of the character strength Openness because it represents the ability to adjust your actions based on the current context (which implies you must be present and aware of the current context). I love that the Latin root for Agile means “to move/drive” – the word “drive” to me implies that you have an overarching goal in mind and being agile is putting you closer to that vision.

Avoiding being Erratic (Overuse): In contrast, erratic comes from the Latin for wandering, straying and roving. It implies unpredictability and inconsistency – and making change for the sake of change. When you start to feel overwhelmed or aimless with change, then you are probably overusing your agility. Take a moment to remind yourself of the guiding principles and end goal for what you want to achieve, and then make sure all of the adjustments you make are aligned with those. Be discerning with what you choose to change – it makes the changes you do make all the more meaningful.

Commendable Trait: Agile
Underused: Inflexible
Overused: Erratic
Strength: Openness
Quadrant: Resilience