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This week's challenge:

This week, I will strive to understand the context — as well as the facts — before making a decision.

When I think about someone who is fair, I think of someone who is honest, upright, and honorable. There is a sense of level-headedness to a fair person. He or she acts in accordance with what is logical and therefore engenders trust because people know what to expect. People might not like the judgments of a fair person, but they respect because there is logic in however they made a determination. An important nuance is that fairness is contextual - what is fair in one situation may not be fair in another, and it takes a wise person to be able to discern the difference.
Avoiding being Patronizing (Overuse): When someone goes too far in enforcing the rules or standards, they start to sound condescending. Patronizing comes from the Latin word for father, and being patronizing sounds a lot like a parent talking down to a child. If you feel that you are the enforcer of all rules (including ones that aren’t your responsibility), then you are most likely overusing the strength of being fair, and it’s time to relax a bit!
Commendable Trait: Fair
Underused: Unfair
Overused: Patronizing
Strength: Integrity
Quadrant: Courage