This week's challenge:

This week, I will focus on the next most important task that will get me one step closer to my ultimate vision.

Somewhere in the space between slack and stubborn is the ideal human virtue of tenacity. Here we have the uncanny human ability to exert action through a determined movement forward. I always chuckle when I see my dog do this when we go for a walk. Forward he goes without thinking about it. Have you ever wondered why? It seems to be an innate instinct in living things to move in forward motion toward some, often unexamined, destination. Hilarious if you think about what an alien from another planet might think if observing us. But here we go, feeling an inner sense of urgency to keeping plowing forward. To get an edge. To make momentum. To achieve. To DO something. Anything. Otherwise, if we’re slack, we make no progress toward our goals. We’re designed to move forward for a reason, right? It serves our survival to keep in motion and forage for what might be useful. Or to take steps toward a future goal through knocking out one small step of progress at a time. It’s how we build things and accomplish huge human achievements. What I like to do is focus on the next important thing I feel compelled to do. I don’t want to get too far down the path of visioning the future, because in such a dynamic time, a lot can change and therefore the vision might also need to change.

Avoid being Stubborn (Overuse):

Yet, we can take this wonderful instinct too far if we’re not conscious of it and do what we do with no purpose or evaluation of the reason for it. Sometimes, we just keep doing what we do, over and over, without examining the underlying impetus. We can seem to have an almost dogged determination NOT to change our attitude or point of view or position on something despite being presented with good reasoning to change it. After all, the world changes around us constantly, altering our interactions within the system. If we choose to keep our head in the sand, we’ll miss the implications to our old paradigms and end up accomplishing something, but it might be the wrong something once it’s finally done. One can see the good intention in this human trait, where we ignore what’s going on around us and simply charge forward. It helps us focus and concentrate. I like to call it attention excess disorder when I refer to myself and my ultra-focused ability to tune the world out so I can finish what I’m doing without distraction. As long as we understand that being stubborn means we are no longer conscious or alert to the present moment, we can catch ourselves, then stop to remember to re-open to learning and change with our ever-evolving environment.

Commendable Trait: Tenacious
Underused: Slack
Overused: Stubborn
Strength: Boldness
Quadrant: Courage